APRS in New Zealand

This site provides details of APRS operation in New Zealand

What is APRS?

Automatic Position Reporting System, or APRSTM is a multifaceted system for use with packet radio by Hams, it allows the monitoring of real time geographical information such as the position of vehicles, the status of weather, radio direction finding and much much more. It involves mapping, GPS tracking, packet radio, etc. It is a VERY interesting facet of packet radio and has much to offer most everyone including non-hams that just want to watch over the internet.

Join the email group:

If you would like to keep up with the current APRS issues in New Zealand, join our email group - register at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ZLAPRS/

Live data from New Zealand:

ZL1AMW provides a live view of APRS data from New Zealand.  This can be viewed at www.live.aprs.net.nz or for a search screen to locate a particular station www.findu.aprs.net.nz

New Zealand APRS-IS (Internet Servers)

We now have two APRS-IS servers operating in New Zealand.  These are at first.aprs.net.nz and second.aprs.net.nz.  You can view a status page of each, and list the available ports for you to select the type of data at:



If you are operating Ui-View32, you can enter, then and select both of these servers, then your system will automatically switch the other of it looses data.

New ZL Symbols:

In January 2005, a new set of APRS symbols (Rev G) was released.

This added a number of new symbols, plus changed the ARRL/RSGB symbol to a diamond, ready for an overlay letter. New Zealand operators have used this symbol as an NZART club station icon, which creates a conflict.   To allow the use of the red diamond for things such as IRLP and Echolink nodes, I have therefore inserted a new NZART symbol in a spare position, (the alternate table 'q',  position 80).  I have picked up all of the new symbols from the Rev G set circulated by WA8LMF, but retained the G4IDE icons for most items.  Ian ZL1VFO provided an updated ATV icon.

Download the ZL version of the Rev G symbol set

For more explanation on changing symbol files

Ui-View registrations:

You can register this programme by going to Andy Prichard's web site: www.apritch.myby.co.uk     Following the wishes of the author of Ui-View, the late Roger G4IDE, you are requested to make a donation to cancer research when registering.  In New Zealand, this can be done on-line or by phone, details under "fundraising"  at www.cancernz.org.nz.  Operators from outside New Zealand are welcome to email, and you will be advised of the registration provider closest to you.

Winpack registrations:

You can also register the other great programme developed by Roger , Winpack also by going to Andy Prichard's web site: www.apritch.myby.co.uk   You are requested to make a donation to cancer research as described above for Ui-View.

Resources for New Zealand APRS operators:

You can use this page as a helpful index of resources on the web:

Web Resource: Address:
ZL1AMW's APRS and UI-View resource: www.zl1amw.info
ZL2UCX's APRS in Canterbury - Maps, software and live data: www.zl2ucx.gen.nz/aprs
Australian APRS information: www.aprs.net.au


Updated: 10 Oct 2010